February 2nd, 2018.

Client: Hickory Street Capital / Hotel Zachary

Source: Chicago Tribune

Take a first look at the guest rooms in Wrigleyville’s Hotel Zachary.

“Instead of celebrating Wrigley Field at every turn, the rooms are mostly meant to convey neighborhood comfort and Chicago history, said Lisa Chervinsky, Stantec’s lead designer for the 173 guest rooms, which include 20 suites.

Hotel ownership — which happens to be the same Ricketts family that owns the Cubs — wanted to steer clear of an overt connection to Wrigley Field to attract year-round guests and those visiting for reasons other than Cubs games.

That led designers to “dig a little further into the concept of the hotel,” Chervinsky said during an interview about the mock room, located in an office building at the Park at Wrigley.”

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