Issues Management

Executives in highly regulated industries face the challenge of crafting business strategies, only to have to submit their business plans for review approval by local, regional or state officials. The media, public officials and even competitors can use this public process to delay, obstruct or even stop your goals.

Being successful in this environment requires a disciplined strategy media relations, grassroots strategies, community relations, public affairs, as well as internal and external communication plans founded on the formulation of compelling messages and powerful stories. Our team has worked with top executives in a wide range of regulated industries, from gaming and health care to public utilities and real estate, to execute campaigns that win over regulators and key decision makers.

Specialty Services

Whether via a hashtag or an hour-long special, we craft the stories and experiences that inspire and activate.

With our deep networks and experience working with diverse communities, we counsel clients on the most effective messages and help recruit local leaders so that your story can be delivered with impact. From town halls to online grassroots outreach, we employ a wide array of tools to reach the right people at the right time.

Our team knows its way around a newsroom. We run chief executives and political officials through our rigorous media and message training to ensure leaders deliver an optimal performance in any medium.

We find people and organizations who care about the same issues our clients do and move them to act on their shared interests.

As former journalists and press secretaries, we have a versatile media relations practice. With our wide network of reporters, producers and editors, we work early on to engage in relationship building with key media influencers to ensure they understand and tell our clients’ story effectively.

Grounded in the fundamentals of sound strategy development and compelling storytelling, our digital marketing capabilities ensure our clients deploy an integrated communications strategy, with services including paid advertising, email marketing and grassroots mobilization.