Crisis & Litigation Communications

If there is one thing we have learned in our collective five decades of crisis communications, it is that it is always better to over-prepare instead of over-react. Crisis situations require experience, perspective and strategy. All of our crisis counseling engagements are custom-built but designed with the same goal: To ruthlessly defend our client’s reputation and correct the record.

Our strategic plans anticipate the moves of other players, and we closely coordinate with our clients to work the plan and navigate the most sensitive, complex and controversial topics that threaten their bottom line.

Specialty Services

In collaboration with our clients, we devise custom-built crisis communications playbooks that incorporate scenario and actions plans with holding statements designed for the worst case. We want to know what keeps you up at night and help you rest assured that when the worst happens, there’s a plan to stop the bleeding and get to recovery and rebuild mode as quickly as possible.

Our team of veteran operatives cut its teeth in some of the most competitive campaign cycles and newsrooms around the county. We relish the pressure of a deadline to get our client’s message out, and when it comes to working with the media, we’re comfortable behind the scenes as message advisor or in front of the camera as an official spokesman, whatever is required.

We find people and organizations who care about the same issues our clients do and move them to act on their shared interests.

Our C-Suite counsel ensures leaders find their voice and deliver the right message with impact. We run chief executives and political officials through our rigorous media and message training to ensure leaders deliver an optimal performance in any medium.