September 26th, 2018.

Source: Daily Herald.

“It’s not assisted living or independent living, but active living for seniors coming in a new development to Naperville, filling what officials say is a gap in housing options for residents as they age.

The idea with Avenida Naperville is to offer apartments for people 62 and older who want like-minded neighbors, upscale amenities and activities focused on five themes of health, said Bob May, managing partner of Avenida Partners LLC. The idea is not to provide all daily meals, medical care or support for basic hygiene.

The idea with Avenida Naperville is to remove features of the typical suburban house that no longer make sense for some in their 60s and 70s, such as a lawn to maintain, a driveway to shovel and an abundance of personal space to keep clean.

Janice Anderson, a DuPage County Board member representing District 5 in Naperville, gets the picture and says it very well could appeal to her in the future. She said she hears often from Baby Boomers who fear they won’t be able to find a suitable, smaller place in the town they love.”

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