November 16th, 2018

Client: Chicago Cubs

Source: Chicago Tribune

“Reinsdorf and his counterparts — his son, Bulls President Michael Reinsdorf, as well as the Blackhawks Chairman Rocky Wirtz, Bears Chairman George McCaskey and Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts — gathered to discuss their partnership to combat the city’s gun violence Friday at a luncheon at the MB Ice Arena.

“I don’t think the sports teams have ever come together like this, here or anywhere else,” Ricketts said. “I think it does speak to the scale of the problem but it also speaks to the commitment of (ownership).”

McCaskey added that Reinsdorf said the “first thing we need to do is to educate ourselves about this problem, and that’s what led us to the University of Chicago Crime Lab. And that was a huge turning point for us as a group, was to get their expertise and their input and their data to help attack this problem.”

This year, the 2-year-old Alliance raised grant money to continue its support of the partnership of the Crime Lab and Choose to Change, which uses mentoring by Youth Advocate Programs and therapy by Children’s Home and Aid.

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