By Kirsten Kamerman, New Media Director


While doing my usual afternoon scan of news, I came across an article written by PR Daily about the huge lack of social media in business strategies. Coming from a business who has strategy in its name, I was amazed that only 21 percent of organizations measure social media return on investment (ROI).


According to the study, only 12 percent have at least one full-time employee like myself whose primary role is to manage social media efforts. 40 percent of organizations polled have a formal social media policy. 


Take a look at more of the study’s findings:

  • Only 28 percent of organizations have a social media strategy.
  • 20 percent of companies use social media for internal communications.
  • Of the 40 percent of companies with a social media policy, 43 percent ask HR to create the policy.
  • Marketing (35 percent), IT (17 percent), HR (14 percent), or senior management (14 percent) are typically responsible for handling social media.



Read the complete study here.