By Jodie Shpritz, VP of Media Relations and Branding

I’m beginning to wonder if a good PR stunt, like putting a large macaroni noodle outside of Wrigley Field, is going to always have a place in the world of public relations.   Like many, I like a good PR stunt as much as the next.  But with the diminishing newsroom media and tight budgets, there seem to be more traditional ways to get news coverage without dropping a Hershey’s Kiss off the top of the Hancock Building. 


Clients are looking for that social media boost that will help them go viral and not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch a product.  So instead of spending their money on building a campaign around a “stunt”, they are putting their efforts towards video campaigns, online contests, corporate social responsibility and other means of reaching their target audiences.  They are being more strategic and making informed decisions to create a more targeted media campaign.  Large corporations are now opting for live panel discussions inviting media to join via the internet for a live Q&A.   Branding campaigns look to social media staples like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to get their new product out there.  

However, there is something to be said for a good ole PR stunt.  If it is the right stunt, I still believe (and hope) there will always be a place for the large macaroni noodle.