By Jodie Shpritz, Vice President of Media Relations and Branding

In my blog about backpack reporting, I wrote about the importance of preparing your client for a live interview and the need for them to be more like a reporter than ever before.  What I didn’t touch on was how to do that.  While I’m not going to give away all my media training techniques, I thought I would share a very short and sweet tip chart.  This is something I created several years ago for clients to stick in their pocket and refer to whenever needed.  I think it is quite helpful and is a constant reminder of what to do when you are being interviewed on camera.


Feel free to use these or add any you might think will be helpful. 

Top 10 On-Camera Interview Tips:

1.     Lean forward 15 degrees toward the camera

2.     Look at the interviewer (not the camera)

3.     Move your head

4.     Move your hands

5.     Move your body

6.     Wear solids (but not black/white/red)

7.     Speak louder than normal

8.     Speak with more energy than normal

9.     Focus on just three message points (always go back to what we call home base)

10. Be conversational (don’t memorize)