By Manny Ozaeta, Consultant

The long job search is finally over. The pre-interview jitters are gone and your palms, once profusely sweaty are back to their normal, dry, pink state because YOU have been hired. But alas, even though you have sighed some initial relief a new set of fears emerge in the realization that your new employment starts on Monday. 


While you are clearly confident that your education and experience have prepared you for the responsibilities associated with your new position you also understand that a new set of challenges lie ahead. You begin to ask yourself, how will I fit into this new environment and how can I best help the organization? The answers lie with some basic skills that has been taught to you by your parents and ingrained in your psyche through grade school: listen and do your best.

First, it is important to listen to your fellow employees and observe the dynamics of your work place. Talk to your peers about work contributions and seek counsel from your superiors. Be proactive with everyone around you. No one expects you to be the expert right out of the gate, but they do expect you to be engaged, inquisitive, and a team player. By listening to those around you, you will have a clearer perspective of what is expected and how you can add to the company’s overall mission.

The basic inclination of any new hire is to make a solid first impression. One way to do this is to take a long view of your role and responsibilities within the organization. Remember that your intent is to be there for a measurable period of time. While you may be eager to make your mark immediately, it is important to produce quality work not just quantitative work. People understand that you may be handling tasks that are new to you, but they don’t easily forget poor quality results. Simply do your best with the tasks you are given and a lasting impression will be evident.


While each organization may have a different company structure, core business, or culture, they all want their employees to succeed. The company understands that there is a direct correlation between personal success and the company’s success. Finding your way in the organization may take some time, but you will get there. Just remember to listen, do your best and have a little patience.You were hired on your merits but you will be retained through your contributions.