CeCe Marizu, Account Executive 

Yes football fans, it is that time of the year again.  Take it in… take it all in.  The smell of game day, the sounds of game day, the thrill of game day!  Football season brings a wave of excitement in addition to long hours glued to the TV in America.  What is it about football season that brings out so much passion? What brings out this strong sense of team loyalty? And how exactly does football even relate to PR and work?

 Think of your client as your favorite football team.  How badly do you want them to win? On game day you put on the team colors, you bring out the grill and you cheer for your team with pride.  Think of your client as your favorite football team.  They deserve that passion and devotion to achieve the highest level of success. I’m sure you’ve all been to games where fans trickle out when they feel like all hope is lost.  The excitement dies out but there are those loyal fans that stay to the end, win or lose.   Whether it’s a blowout or a heartbreaking defeat it’s important to be there for a client.  They are going to have good days and they are going to have days where they need you to stay to the very end for support.

 Support is critical at every point in the season.  As much as every fan would love an undefeated season sometimes the worst strikes.  For instance, the Boise State kicker misses not one, but two field goals against Nevada to ruin any chances of making a BCS game (not that I dwell on that game at all).  The Boise State fans stayed loyal to their team despite the devastating loss.   Just because your team loses doesn’t mean you trade sides or stop cheering.  If your client has a misstep it’s important to ensure that you are there to back them up and help with any crisis.  You stay loyal.  A loss or crisis is a perfect time to look for improvements and ways to grow.   

At Culloton Strategies we may all cheer for different football teams (or none at all), but when it comes to our clients we are focused on their success no matter the outcome of the game.  We will be in the stands when it seems as if no one else is, because our clients are our team that we prepare to cheer for every game day.