Tracey Mendrek, Senior Consultant

Recently I attended a gathering of successful people celebrating a common cause.  As these sorts of events go it was enlightening and informative.  There were the usual takeaways – She said what?  He must be hitting the gym these days.  I’m glad I’m not (fill in the blank). 

But a very successful, highly intelligent gentleman said something to me that has stuck with me for weeks.  Finally it has taken shape in my head and found its way to paper or in this case your preferred method of reading our blog here at Culloton Strategies.

His comment? “I don’t like websites.  What do they say really?  They all look alike.”  It struck me that in some ways he is right, but in others he is dead wrong. 

Over the years I have been involved in many website launches.  You sit around the table pouring over competitor sites, mountains of messages and analyzing pictures for consideration.  We pick one we like and duplicate it.  Check.  It’s off the list of things we have to accomplish.  We put in the time, we launch a great site and we forget about it.  Not so fast.

Whether you agree with this gentleman’s assessment or not, what it brings into focus is the need to follow the 3 Rs.  No not those three – but Review, Refine and Repeat. 

If you subscribe to the theory that each season has a trend, that each idea deserves consideration, and that each day follows night, then you should do more than check the website box and move on. 

Review your website often.  Does it still represent you as an individual or as a company?  Are there new areas of expertise that you bring to an engagement?  Has your staff changed or your portfolio?

Refine your website as needed.  Your website needs to continually reflect your changing image, your marketability to potential clients and your evolving style; which in turn feeds the need to maximize your search engine optimization.

Repeat this practice frequently.   Commit to the 3 Rs.  Review, Refine, Repeat.