CeCe Marizu, Account Executive 

This is the point in a season where the hard work, determination, and sacrifice pay off.  It’s where the weak crumble and the strong prevail.  This is the point in a race where the opponent looks the competition in the eyes and executes the final strategy!  This is what sports… I mean politics are all about!

The more I watch political debates with my co-workers the more I feel like I’m watching the Super Bowl for political junkies.  One of my colleagues watches a debate as if he has a bet on the game that determines the whole future of his life savings.  I’ve never been around anyone like that except my dad, and of course that’s only when an actual sporting event is on.

The passion people feel for their country and their political candidate of choice makes the U.S. such an exciting and passionate place to live.  The way each candidate and his or her team preps for the end of the race is all about strategy.

Being able to see the strategy on both sides has been fascinating.  Each side has probably learned a thing or two from the other and has discovered what not to do.  No matter what your personal beliefs are, take a lesson away from this election.  Learn to stand up for what you believe in.  Fight fiercely to the end.  Love the country you live in and believe in the democratic process its citizens participate in.  And finally, use your position in life as a platform.  

The final debate takes place tonight and it’s one of the last chances we will see the candidates approach one other on the issues that matter.  We have a tremendous opportunity in the next two weeks to cast our ballot based on what we’ve seen and chosen to believe. 

The competition is coming to an end and this is the point in the season that every athlete will tell you the hard work, determination, and sacrifice does pay off.  That being said, I urge you to support your candidate and their team and go VOTE!