In honor of Halloween here at CS we thought a Halloween themed blog was only fitting. Enjoy the spooktacular reading!

Patrick Skarr, Account Supervisor

We had the option of going to elementary school in costume as a person of interest from history. I chose President Kennedy since I attended CCD classes at a school named after him. In hindsight I might have chosen a politician because it was the opportunity to wear a blazer and tie all day to school – the rest they say is history. It was also my scariest moment on Halloween, as I was parading around as a….yikes….Democrat. Scary stuff indeed. 


Manuel Ozaeta, Consultant

Halloween is a time for candy. Although we may have a favorite costume that we wore as children, or remember an overzealous neighbor with over the top decorations, to me Halloween will always be the time of year when it’s ok to eat sugar- and lots of it. My personal favorite is anything chocolate. And while I try to limit my intake of candy throughout the year, when All Hallows Eve rolls around I allow myself to enjoy it with a Snickers Bar. 


CeCe Marizu, Account Executive

Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year! Not only is it a day to dress up and eat as much candy as humanly possible, it’s also the day Nevada became a state!  Halloween in Nevada was always a huge success thanks to the haunted houses, corn mazes and loads of candy in each neighborhood.  I can honestly say I didn’t stop trick or treating until I was in college.  Why would anyone ever stop?  My teammates and I went every single year believing that it was part of our youth that we could never give up. To this day at the ripe old age of 24, I still think it’s important to always have a kid-at-heart approach to life, not just on Halloween.  Enjoy the simple moments, don’t take everything so seriously, and never stop eating candy!


Ashleigh Johnston, Consultant

I lived in a great neighborhood in Michigan for trick or treating. Everyone always turned out after dark and the streets would be filled with kids and parents parading up and down the street. Every single year, my friend’s parents would dress him and his little sister up as Hershey Kisses, probably because it was Michigan in late October so your costume had to withstand the elements. I also remember one year, during the school’s annual Halloween parade, I had dressed up as a cowgirl. My naturally bleach blonde hair was my downfall. I became angry when another little girl exclaimed, “Look, its Western Barbie!” and I thought to myself, I am NOT a Barbie! Needless to say, the following year I made sure to have a costume that would not result in such confusion – I went as Alice in Wonderland.


Julia Schatz, Consultant

During the 90’s the Chicago Bulls were dominating the NBA…and Dennis Rodman was an easily recognizable icon with his ever-changing hair color. He inspired my one of my favorite childhood Halloween costumes:

What current sports figures will kids dress up as for Halloween 2012?

Happy Halloween from the CS team!