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May, 20, 2011

Soriano vs. Green Monster might be a scratch

By PAUL SULLIVAN / Chicago Tribune


MIAMI — As the Chicago Cubs head to Fenway Park this weekend, manager Mike Quade is contemplating whether to let Alfonso Soriano battle the Green Monster in left field Friday or serve as the designated hitter instead.

The 36-foot-high wall at Fenway can be difficult for even the best outfielders, and Soriano is in no danger of winning a Gold Glove.

“Sometimes I wonder if we make too much of that,” Quade said. “The fact is, there’s not a lot of ground to cover there, and as long as you understand (you’re) having to play a hard-hit ball, carom-wise, and (not) getting wrapped up in getting to the ball too late … literally, the shortstop can play the carom on a hard-hit ball to left a lot of times.


Boston Red Sox welcome Chicago Cubs back to Fenway Park


By Mike Fine

The Patriot Ledger

Posted May 20, 2011 @ 03:46 AM

Last update May 20, 2011 @ 03:51 AM



Rich Hill has seen it from all sides, both in Chicago and in Boston. He’s heard about the bridge-jumpers and listened to the talk-show callers. He’s seen the tabloid headlines and he knows as much about Steve Bartman as he does Harry Frazee. Mostly, he knows what it’s like to be in a city where winning is critical but not necessarily attainable.

So, yeah, the Milton native, who now pitches for the Red Sox, knows where Cubs fans are coming from, just as he lived life at one time as a Red Sox fan.

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Marlins lose to Cubs 5-1


AP Sports Writer

7:45 PM CDT, May 19, 2011


A frustrating night for the Florida Marlins ended with a disputed call. 

Ruled out on a close play at first base, Gaby Sanchez argued and followed the umpire for several steps before pealing off toward his dugout and conceding defeat. 

Florida stranded 12 runners and lost Thursday to the Chicago Cubs, 5-1. 
















Cubs’ return to Fenway offers window to past

Worlds of change in 93 years since Chicago last hit Boston

To us today, it is an old-timey accoutrement to the Fenway Park experience. A reminder of the way things used to be.

We speak here of the scoreboard at the base of the Green Monster, still hand-operated after all these years and still serving to represent baseball’s quaint olden days. A welcomed antique in a world of advancements.

And to think, that scoreboard was still 16 years in the making in 1918.

If you want some handle on how long it truly has been since the Chicago Cubs last set foot on Fenway soil, well, there you have it. Back in 1918, the thought of turning to an inning-by-inning tally of the runs accrued or lights illustrating the number of balls and strikes on the batter would have been a novel one.









Cubs rookie outfielder Campana a real odds-beater


Last Modified: May 19, 2011 03:24PM

MIAMI — When he was 7, Tony Campana used to entertain friends by reaching up and pulling out a clump of hair from his head.

‘‘I thought it was kind of funny, I guess,’’ the Cubs’ rookie outfielder said. ‘‘I think it was a good thing that I was a little kid, because I don’t think I really knew the extent of how much I was sick.’’

Campana had Hodgkin’s lymphoma and required surgery at age 7 to remove a tumor, followed by eight months of hair-robbing chemotherapy — then 10 more years of checkups and tests until he was in remission long enough for doctors to declare him cured.


New DVD celebrates the Cubs as the ‘Heart & Soul of Chicago’


“Chicago Cubs: The Heart & Soul of Chicago”

John Scheinfeld is a terrific filmmaker who specializes in documentaries. He was born in Chicago and has put together a film that truly shows the love affair between the Chicago Cubs, the city and the fans.

Gary Sinise narrates this timeless film. And even if you’re not a Cubs fan, you will enjoy this program. Lots of historical footage and great photos are included. There are fascinating interviews with players and celebrities. Cub legends explain what it meant to be a Cub, and we get one of the last interviews with Ron Santo. Others — including George Will, Tom Ricketts, Joe Mantegna, Scott Turow and Dutchie Carey — explain their devotion to the Cubs. The music adds to the foundation of the film and includes the sounds of Steve Goodman, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Chicago and others.


Hundley to be Cubs’ representative at Draft

By Carrie Muskat /

Former Cubs catcher Randy Hundley will be the team’s representative at the 2011 First-Year Player Draft, to be held June 6-8.

The Cubs have the ninth overall pick in the first round of the Draft.

Hundley, who turns 69 on June 1, played 10 seasons with the Cubs in two stints, starting from 1966-73, and returning in 1976-77. He led the National League in games played as a catcher four straight years, averaging 153 starts behind the plate from 1966-69, including 160 games in 1968.


The Book On Firing Jim Hendry

AUTHOR: Jordan Campbell | IN: Cubs | COMMENTS: 3 Comments |

The sentiment to fire general manager Jim Hendry heard by Chicago Cubs fans across the city is louder than ever. From the start of the season, Hendry was facing an uphill battle as his team featured a handful of high priced veterans to go along with pieces for the future. Which has left the Cubs at a crossroads this season in whether they are trying to win now, or if the purpose for this season is to build for the future.

The logical option for the Cubs would be to build for the future. But every move the Cubs have made this season has indicated that Hendry is operating under a win now mentality. Be it the trade for Matt Garza, signing Carlos Pena and Kerry Wood, or demoting Tyler Colvin Hendry apparently has an itch to win this year with the Cubs. That approach hasn’t faired so well for Hendry and the Cubs as the Cubs currently stand at 18-23 on the season, fifth place in the National League Central. Such a disappointing–albeit expected–start has reignited the talk that Jim Hendry should be fired.




DuPage County Board

DuPage County Board to hear back on redistricting plans

By Staff reports

Downers Grove Reporter

Posted May 19, 2011 @ 01:32 PM

Last update May 19, 2011 @ 03:15 PM

Downers Grove, IL —

Two plans for redistricting DuPage County are on the table, and the public has a chance to weigh in next week before officials makes their final decision.

After last year’s census, the DuPage County Board has been tasked with redrawing its six districts so that each includes 152,821 people. The redistricting has to be finalized and approved by July 1.

A public hearing Monday will let residents sound off on two proposals, both of which would pull from Naperville’s district and add people to Glen Ellyn’s and Darien’s districts.




Ferrara Pan Candy

Ferrara Pan president says he is still with candy company

By Emily Bryson York

4:06 PM CDT, May 19, 2011

Sal Ferrara II said Thursday that he remains president and chief executive officer at Ferrara Pan Candy Co., the Forest Park-based business, following reports that the company board was reconsidering his role.

Three police officers responded to a disturbance call at Ferrara Pan’s headquarters on May 11, Forest Park deputy chief Tom Aftanas confirmed Wednesday in what he described as a “domestic.” Aftanas said Ferrara made the call to police and that after about 20 minutes Ferrara willingly left the premises. No charges were filed, and there was no police report.




Facebook Tussles With Bearbook, Bears Lose

Why is Bearbook changing its name? Well, you’ll have to ask Mark Zuckerberg. His army of winged lawyers has bullied the burly boys into the name change, as they’ve done in the past to Teachbook and Placebook and Lamebook.

So as of this week, say hello to the new Bruizr! “While Bearbook does have strong opinions on the matter, they don’t have the funds required to put up any legal defense,” the company writes. Oh, strong opinions, but no resources to defend them? Well, they’ll fit right in on the Internet.

It’s a shame that Facebook’s getting away with this, but understandable: it’s hard to pay high-powered attorneys when you spent half the year hibernating in a cave.

Facebook won’t comment on their future litigation, but we expect them eventually to trademark all actual books, followed by everyone’s face.