Cubs’ ‘Camp Colvin’ a concept that’s proving its worth

 Tyler Colvin may not be thrilled with the name of the Cubs’ camp — but he can’t dispute the results. 

MESA, Ariz. — No matter what Tyler Colvin does for the Cubs this season or beyond, he already has made a lasting mark on the franchise.

 Someday it might even be recognized by a sign at the Cubs’ Mesa, Ariz., training facility — maybe even T-shirts or sleeveless muscle shirts by next fall if guys like Cubs prospect Josh Vitters have a say.

 ‘‘Yeah, I get made fun of about it,’’ said Colvin, a promising second-year outfielder.

 But when it comes to what the Cubs call ‘‘Camp Colvin’’ — with the half-reluctant consent of Colvin — it might be the Cubs’ player-development system getting the last laugh.

Cubs welcome Urban Prep Charter Academies to Wrigley Field 


CHICAGO – The Chicago Cubs will welcome Urban Prep Academies June 1 as the Cubs face the Houston Astros at Wrigley Field. Urban Prep Academy for Young Men’s Englewood Campus Student Council Association Vice President Cedric Abdul-Hakeem will throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the game.  

Enjoying the new reality at Wrigley Field: cheaper seats, shorter lines


 I have to say I enjoyed the new reality at Wrigley Field on Monday.

I definitely liked the cheaper prices for tickets. Fewer people meant shorter lines for concessions and in the bathroom. Then, with so many fans leaving early despite the Cubs being down by only three runs on a wind-blowing-out day, there was much less traffic going home for those of us who stayed until the bitter end.


Illinois and Chicago incentives for corporate relocations getting well-deserved scrutiny


 Ask Paul O’Connor whether corporate tax incentives are a good idea or just so much pork, and the former head of corporate recruiting for Chicago responds with a list of big deals that deserved the dough we threw at them, and deals that didn’t.


Illinois Medicaid begins enrolling some in private health plans



IllinoisMedicaid health insurance program for the poor has begun enrolling 40,000 people into two private health plans, the beginning of a broader initiative to provide better coordinated and more cost-effective medical care for some elderly and disabled patients.