Free rides for most seniors to end Sept. 1

June 1, 2011

…free-rides permits on the CTA , Metra and Pace will be deactivated. As…said. The free rides cost the CTA, Metra and Pace $38 million to $116 million…at CTA fare-card vending machines. Metra riders must display their cards to Metra 

No time for Cubs to wait till next year

June 2, 2011

…along with other media members in the Cubs dugout. But, really, there is…rage. There is even less humor in the Cubs’ best starter risking injury with a foolish…health issues racking the rotation. The Cubs can ill afford an injury to Zambrano…


Oh, snap: Zambrano, not Quade, managing just fine, thank you

June 1, 2011

…team in the National League . And there?s organization-wide ineptitude that is clear to everyone except Tom Ricketts , who appears satisfied with his handful of magic beans.


Quade tells Zambrano to spare bats

June 1, 2011

…he said. “They don’t need the added pressure of me down their neck day in and day out.” The quote: Chairman Tom Ricketts , when asked what was wrong with the Cubs: “Nothing. Just a lot of injuries. We’ll be fine.” Extra Innings…


Cubs have lots of fresh faces, but product remains stale

Men in Cubs uniforms are walking on the grass at Wrigley Field before Wednesday’s game. I have no earthly idea who some of them are. …


Chicago Cubs Owner Tom Ricketts – Slow-playing Genius or in Over

Ricketts daily routine involves an hour of shaking hands, and apologizing in advance to fans who bought tickets. Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Sun-Times asked Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts what’s wrong with his team.  The answer that came back as he reportedly sprinted away was, ”Nothing, just a lot of injuries. We’ll be fine.”

Tom Ricketts Says The Cubs “Will Be Fine”

Cubbies Crib – Jordan Campbell – ‎10 hours ago‎

Coming into this homestand, many within the Cubs organization figured the team would pad their record against the lowly New York Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Houston Astros. For some reason, the Cubs forgot that they too are mentioned when it comes to