Rail safety enforcement in Elgin Thursday


ELGIN — The railroad crossing on Kimball Street here will be among numerous crossings in the United States and 44 other countries where authorities today will be emphasizing both driver and pedestrian safety.


Illinois Tax Firesale

A case study in high corporate rates and special favors.


Illinois gained nationwide notoriety in January when Governor Pat Quinn signed into law a 67% hike in the personal income tax rate while lifting the corporate tax rate to 9.5%, the fourth highest in the nation. How is that working out?


Report: Gambling revenue continues decline


By Mike Riopell | State Government Writer

SPRINGFIELD — As Gov. Pat Quinn mulls whether to create five new casinos and allow slot machines at Arlington Park, current Illinois casinos continue to struggle, a new report shows.


Some jokers hidden in Chicago casino deck


Posted by Greg H. at 6/8/2011 12:03 PM CDT on Chicago Business

While it’s monitoring the Blagojevich trial, much of the local political world also is focused on another spectacle: whether Gov. Pat Quinn will sign that big casino bill or instead poke Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the eye with a veto pen.