By Natalie Bauer Luce

I first met Dennis Culloton at a fundraiser in Bucktown for Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign.

After a brief chat and a few big laughs at his prime one-liners, we exchanged business cards, and I thought that was that.  

How wrong I was. 

Little did I know in the moment that years later I’d become Dennis’ business partner and today take on the role of President at the firm he founded and that we have partnered to grow.  

 Just goes to show you never know what chance run-ins can lead to in your future. 

To me, it’s also a lesson in (finally) trusting your gut. And taking a chance on someone who’s willing to take a chance on you. 

For several years after that fundraiser, Dennis occasionally tried to recruit me to join him at his firm. I politely and repeatedly demurred.  

And yet, he persisted.  

I couldn’t tell you why I was so reluctant at the time, other than that I thought I  

needed more experience to be able to tell clients what to do. (Shocking, because I’m  

really good at telling people what to do in all other aspects of my life. Heh.)  

What I know now is that Dennis saw something in me that I couldn’t yet recognize:  

  1. I’m pretty good at this public affairs consulting thing. 
  1. I love it. 

In the six years since I signed on (how has it been SIX YEARS????), we’ve grown year over year – a feat I’m immensely proud of especially amidst a pandemic – and we’ve refined our expertise and our service as the world has gotten more confusing and turned upside down.  

I’m honored to take on this new role at the firm, and I’m excited to see where we go from here.  

We have a talented team of professionals, each unique in their backgrounds, political leanings and insights, and I’m eager to bring more talented pros into the fold as we continue to expand.  

All I need is a pack full of business cards, a few good jokes and eagle eyes on the up-and-comers who I know can help us continue to build something special. 

Thanks, Dennis.