Courtney Avery, MPH

Courtney Avery brings nearly two decades of leadership with the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board (HFSRB) to advise CBL’s wide range of health care clients, having managed the approval and oversight of $3 billion in healthcare infrastructure and capital improvement projects in Illinois.

Avery was appointed to the HFSRB in 2004 after four years as a legislative analyst for the Illinois Senate appropriations committee overseeing the Department of Health and Human Services budget portfolio. She became Chair of the board in 2009, and in 2010 she was appointed to serve as the Board’s Administrator, which made her responsible for the implementation of the Health Facilities Planning Act that established Illinois’ certificate of need (CON) program to develop comprehensive health care delivery systems that ensure quality facilities, services and medical equipment are available throughout Illinois. Under her leadership, the board also addressed issues of community need, accessibility and system financing.

Courtney is on the Board of Directors for the Institute of Medicine of Chicago, an interdisciplinary nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing systemic challenges in equitable access to quality care, and the Hektoen Institute of Medicine, a nonprofit health services and research organization that administers grant awards for community organizations, independent investigators, and institutions working to improve care, with a special focus on issues of domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health.

Avery received her Bachelor of Arts in Health Services Administration from Sangamon State University and her Master’s of Public Health from the University of Illinois at Springfield. She is an active member of the Illinois Public Health Association and the American Public Health Association.