If you don’t want to read it on the front page, don’t say it

“This is off the record.” The 5 scariest words that will send me sprinting to hang up a client’s phone or shoot over the most aggressive “Mom’s MAD” look possible. (Hey, if it can stop a 4-year-old in his tracks, it certainly can give a CEO some cause for pause.) This rundown in Ragan

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Beating the boys at their own game: Women leaders in Sports Business

I throw like a girl. And damn proud of it. Almost anything I learned about being successful in business came from what I learned about being an athlete. A girl athlete. Soccer, fast-pitch, cross country. You name it. I did it. Today, I got to reflect on my own learnings playing sports as a

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Show, Don’t Tell: The Power of OTT Advertising

1. Take matters into your own hands. ... And ... 2. Show. Don’t tell. Increasingly, these points are among the most common pieces of advice we give our clients. Here’s why: *Viewers are cutting the cord. *Canceling their newspaper subscription to shift online (if they subscribe at all — shame on you!). *Turning to

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Look Ahead: 2024 Predictions for Communicators & Strategic Advisors

This year, we had ChatGPT, UAW, the meltdown of crypto and conviction of Sam Bankman-Fried, plus epic hijinks in the U.S. House of Representatives, not to mention all those legal headaches for a former POTUS.   As 2023 rounds out and we gear up for another 365 days around the sun, we’re bracing for more

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Springfield Updates: Veto Session Edition

The Illinois General Assembly is scheduled to return for veto session Oct 24-26 and Nov 7-9.  With a new Chicago mayor, here’s our take on some hot button issues to keep an eye on:   Gov. J.B. Pritzker issued an amendatory veto on a bill that would have allowed utility companies, mainly the electric utility

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When Silence Is Golden: Sam Bankman-Fried and Why Not All PR Is Good PR

What do Sam Bankman-Fried and Rod Blagojevich have in common?  They never met a reporter or an open-ended question they didn’t love to use to defend their innocence against far-reaching charges (and in Blago’s case, convictions) of fraud.    Both men deployed unusual strategies to defend their cases in the court of public opinion before their

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The Winning Play: Issues Management for Professional Sports Leaders

In the high-stakes world of professional sports, success isn't solely measured by on-field wins and championship titles. The reputation and public perception of a sports franchise can significantly impact its long-term popularity and profitability.   While more high-profile and consumer facing than our clients, say, in manufacturing or energy or tech, sports teams’ problems and challenges

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Pay for your news like democracy depends on it

It’s like the proverbial tree in the forest: Is it news if no one is there to cover it?  This fascinating — and frankly, depressing — report from PBS’ Judy Woodruff explores the dangers of the decline in local news. My alma mater the Medill School of Journalism put some numbers to the challenge: Since

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‘KISS’: The Power of Keeping It Simple, ST*PID

“It’s the economy, Stupid.”   I was 15 (ah-hem) when that phrase became the soundbite of the Clinton-Gore ‘96 presidential campaign.   Today, the line still resonates.  Simplicity rules. Aka the “KISS” Rule.  In our post-Clinton, post-MTV, post-long-form world, we now daily battle the ongoing onslaught of information offered up by a 24/7 news media and a

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