Chicago Cubs: 

Chicago Sun-Times sports reporter Rick Morrissey writes that Wrigley will be a zoo tonight, and this Cubs team can handle it:


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“Previous versions have said they didn’t care about the club’s sad history, then ended up staggering into the offseason with vacant eyes. This team doesn’t stress out. When the Cubs lost 4-0 to the Cardinals in the series openerFriday, it wasn’t because of bats gripped too tightly or strange events that only seem to happen to Cubs teams. It was because St. Louis’ John Lackey was great.

So the Cubs shrugged. It happens, those shrugs said. Then the team bounced back in Game 2, the type of thing it has done all season.”

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Chicago Sun-Times, “These Cubs can handle the circus that will be Wrigley Field for Game 3,” October 11, 2015