Chicago Cubs: 

Chicago Tribune columnist, Paul Sullivan, writes that Cubs fans will not need any extra motivation to get loud for tonight’s showdown versus the Cardinals at Wrigley. The city is ready to explode: 

“And Busch Stadium’s video board exhorted fans to “get loud,” while Wrigley Field’s video boards tell no one how or when to cheer, thanks to an edict from Chairman Tom Ricketts when the boards were installed this year.

You’re on your own, Cubs fans, so use your best judgment.

Rizzo said the “personality of our team is expanding to our fans,” making for an interactive experience that’s closer to a high school football stadium than a major-league ballpark.

This moment has been building since Wednesday’s wild-card win in Pittsburgh, when Arrieta shut down the Pirates.

“The reaction (in Chicago) to the wild-card game was pretty insane, and that was just for a wild-card game,” Rizzo said. “Cubs-Cardinals?”

For years we could only imagine.

Now it’s finally here.”

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Chicago Tribune, “Playoffs return to Wrigley, and a city is waiting to explode,” October 12, 2015