Chicago Cubs: 

From start to finish, there is no denying that the the 2015 Chicago Cubs were something special: 

“It was the year Chairman Tom Ricketts wore shorts and flip-flops to a game in Pittsburgh after Bryant and Rizzo dumped Gatorade on his head during a magazine photo shoot, and the year his faith in Epstein’s plan was rewarded.

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It was the year the Cubs forgot about winter, leading to delays in the Wrigley renovation, and the year summer arrived fashionably late.

It was the year of the Strop Walk, the “hands on helmet” gesture and the opening of “Cubs University,” when Maddon said players would get a liberal arts education
in baseball.

It was the year of the T-shirt-ready catch phrases: “Don’t let the pressure exceed the pleasure,” “We are good,” “Dream big,” “That’s Cub,” “Play stupid” and “We don’t start stuff, but we will stop stuff.”

And it was the year that began with honoring Ernie, and the year that ended with a playoff sweep by the freaking Mets.

It was the time of your life … until next year.

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Chicago Tribune, “From start to finish, this was a year like no other for the Cubs,” October 24, 2015