Forbes explains how Navistar’s advanced truck diagnostics are keeping fleets on the road, and companies in business: 

Jessie Flemings gushes, seriously gushes, with enthusiasm about Navistar and its International Trucks. He’s not a salesman, and not an employee. He’s Service Manager at Royal Trucking Company in West Point, Mississippi, the guy in charge of maintaining Royal’s trucks.

Flemings, a life-long mechanic, is on the leading edge of the Internet of Things, the growing network of internet-connected devices. He’s not a data analyst in the conventional sense of the term, yet he’s using sophisticated data and analytics to identify and correct engine problems early, prevent breakdowns, and increase uptime, the amount of time his trucks spend in service and out of the repair shop.

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Forbes, “The Internet of Things Saved This Business,” October 28, 2015