Chicago Cubs: 

The Cubs have their sights set on launching their own network by 2020: 

“The Chicago Cubs have a date in mind for their next step toward major market domination – launching their own regional sports network.

Crane Kenney, the Cubs’ president of business operations, told Chicago radio station WSCR that the club will launch its own network by 2020, and perhaps sooner. The club can opt out of a recently-struck deal with Comcast Sportsnetthat was viewed largely as a placeholder until the Cubs established their own network.

A Cubs network would only further awaken a sleeping giant within one of sport’s most preeminent brands.

“2019 is our last year with Comcast, so we’ll move over and launch our own channel in 2020,” Kenney told WSCR during an appearance to announce that station as the club’s flagship radio home.”

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USA Today, “Cubs aim to launch own TV network by 2020,” November 18, 2015