Chicago Cubs: 

ESPN’s Jesse Rogers reports a newfound level of energy, emotion, and commitment from the Cubs, and fans, at this weekend’s Cubs convention: 

“Normally Cubs fans express their love for their favorite team win, lose — or rainout — but for three days that love found a new level. Many fans had tears in their eyes as they approached microphones to ask questions of players in packed ballrooms. Some were visibly shaken meeting their heroes barely able to get their questions out. And everyone wanted a signature or selfie or a shout out to a girlfriend.

“It’s nuts,” shortstop Addison Russell said with a smile after one session with some diehards. “These fans are really passionate.”

And to think the Cubs still haven’t won a championship in 107 years. But in most of the last century optimism in January has mostly been wishful thinking. Not this time. The Cubs are loaded with talent and approachable players. That’s a good combination at a winter fan convention, the only place where bonding between players and the team can happen without a game. It’s become an important part of Cubs culture.”

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ESPN Chicago, “Players and fans bask in optimism of 2016 Cubs convention,” January 18, 2015