Chicago Cubs/Tom Ricketts: 

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Ricketts’ vision for Wrigley will bring a new energy to the neighborhood. Through it all though, Cubs’ number one goal is to win the World Series : 

“Unfortunately, on non-game days, there’s not a lot going on around Wrigley Field. As we restore the ballpark to its former beauty, I tell our guys, `Think about when you’re walking through a town in Europe and you stumble across an historic building.’ The way it’s lit. And you see people just hanging around it because it’s so beautiful and so warm and so historic,” Ricketts told the tourism group known as Choose Chicago at its annual meeting.

 “We have to have our ballpark look like that on non-game days. People just want to be there, is our goal. So building a plaza to do things like farmer’s markets and ice rinks and things that are friendly to the neighbors as well as building a plaza to do different types of shows and different types of events should begin to drive more revenue” and create that year-round attraction.”