Client: Ann & Robert. H Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago 

Source: WGN TV 


An experimental procedure at Lurie Children’s Hospital may give a baby with cancer a chance to one day be a father: 

But to do both comes with significant risk. Cyclophosphamide — the drug seven-month-old McKai needs to treat his cancer — is one of the most toxic to the male reproductive system. Not necessarily a concern for a young boy, but what about when baby McKai wants to have babies of his own?

“When we’re counseling a 17-year-old boy about their options for sperm banking, he can tell us, ‘I envision my life as a parent’ or ‘This is something I know is important to me,'” said Barbara Lockart, a nurse practitioner from Lurie Children’s Hospital.

“In the case of a pre pubertal patient we can’t offer them sperm banking,” Lockart said.

“Do I want him to have the joys of raising a family? To have that option? Yeah,” Nick said.

The decision was an easy one for Nick and Laura. They enrolled McKai in an experimental study – one similar to ovarian preservation done for young female patients.

“The experimental procedure requires that we take a small piece of testicular tissue, usually in a patient McKai’s age it’s about the size of a blueberry,” Lockart said.


WGN TV, “Experimental procedure may give baby with cancer a chance at fatherhood,” May 10, 2016