chi-ugc-ugc-relatedphoto-maryville-receives-40000-grant-from-rivers-2016-05-09Client: Rivers Casino 

Source: Chicago Tribune 


The Rivers Casino Foundation recently donated $40,000 tin support of the educational programming at the Maryville Jen School and the Maryville Children’s Healthcare Center: 

“We are so grateful for this generous gift and the belief in the work that we do here at Maryville,” said Julie Fischer, Director of Development and Communication. “We could not provide these programs and services without generous partners like Rivers Casino Foundation.

$15,000 will be used to purchase iPads, laptops, and educational software for the Children’s Healthcare Center to connect school-age pediatric patients with their schools, giving them online access to lessons, assignments, and educational software programs. The new technology will enrich the lives of children with a variety of disabilities and complex needs.”


Chicago Tribune, “Maryville Receives $40,000 Grant from Rivers Casino Foundation,” May 10, 2016