ct-wrigley-field-cubs-reds-home-opener-2016041-068Client: Chicago Cubs

Source: Chicago Tribune

Cubs players and fans were greeted with a new-look Wrigley at last night’s thrilling home-opener. The top-class amenities match the new Cubs culture of an expectation for success:

“On the day his family bought the team in 2009, Tom Ricketts vowed to do whatever was necessary to make the Cubs the best organization in baseball. Building one of the swankiest, most state-of-the-art clubhouses in the majors, a year after winning 97 games, brought Ricketts another step closer to delivering on that promise…

Rizzo and his teammates officially became members of Club Cub late Sunday when they first toured the 30,000-square-foot facility upon returning from their first road trip. The team bus headed straight from O’Hare to Wrigley, and players used to dressing in the cramped quarters of the walk-in closet their old clubhouse was by comparison hardly believed it.”

Chicago Tribune, “New look of Cubs’ home surroundings matches team’s bold, new culture,” April 12, 2016