wgnradiowlogo-wideClient: Freeborn & Peters, LLP

Source: Roe Conn Show, WGN Radio

Following news that the FBI accessed the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone through a third party, Dylan Smith, a partner with Freeborn & Peters LLP,  discusses what may happen next with WGN Radio’s Roe Conn. This precedent setting case raises questions about feuds over data privacy and national security:

“This was a fight that was bound to happen and something that is going to play out again in the future,” said Smith. Though is the first time that the FBI has asked a company l to invent something in order to access the desired information on the phone, Smith said, “Searching phones comes up all the time, and there is no constitutional problem in this case.”

WGN Radio, “Roe Conn Show, Apple v. FBI,” April 5, 2016