Client: Navistar 

Source: Springfield News-Sun 


_63A0754Navistar is adding 300 jobs in Springfield in a second deal with General Motors. The site will again become one of the city’s largest employers, and attract more jobs at companies that supply parts to Navistar:

“The news is another sign of Navistar’s dramatically improving fortunes in Springfield. As recently as 2010, the Springfield plant had as few as 300 workers and many people worried it might close. Now the site will regain its status as one of the city’s largest employers.

The new work is also significant because it could attract more jobs at other companies that supply parts to Navistar, said Mike McDorman, president and CEO of the Chamber of Greater Springfield.

“600 jobs over the next couple years is huge for our community and our economy,” McDorman said “These are well-paying manufacturing jobs and as we move forward as a community, these are the jobs that are going to be the staple for what we’re trying to do in diversifying our jobs base.”


Springfield News-Sun, “Navistar to add 300 jobs in Springfield with second GM deal,” June 10, 2016