tom-ricketts-wrigley-field-plaza-liquor-alderman-tom-tunneyClient: Tom Ricketts/Chicago Cubs 

Source: Crain’s Chicago Business 


Cubs owner and chairman Tom Ricketts went on the offensive in a public dispute against Alderman Tom Tunney reneging on alcohol rules for the plaza adjacent to the ball park: 

“Ricketts said he’s not interested in making any specific concessions from the agreement he says the team and city made with the original ordinance. “At this point we want to get back to where we were . . . and other than that I don’t think I should have to accept anything.”

He said that the team has proved its ability to handle crowd control and will be responsible for that in the plaza, but that concerns about rampant drunkenness in the plaza after games “just don’t hold water.”

“We’re the only ones in this neighborhood that provide extra security, that are responsible for cleaning up. We’re the ones who take care of this area,” Ricketts told reporters after the event. “We’re not trying to make our lives harder. We’re just trying to make our fans’ experience better.”


Crain’s Chicago Business, Ricketts: ‘We had a deal’ on Wrigley Field plaza,” June 1, 2016