ct-dws-zoo-ct-scan-6-20160630Client: Freeborn & Peters, LLP 

Source: The Doings – Hinsdale 


Animals at Brookfield Zoo are getting better care from new CT scanner they acquired with the help of Freeborn & Peters, LLP partner Randy Vickery: 

“Randy Vickery, a member of Brookfield Zoo’s board of trustees, overheard a conversation at the zoo about how useful a later model CT scanner would be. Vickery spoke to his friend, Gregory DiDomenico, president of the Community Memorial Foundation, which supports programs to improve the health of the people in the western suburbs and regularly partners with La Grange Memorial Hospital. Chen was meeting with DiDomenico when the subject of the CT scanner came up.Within a few days, the hospital agreed to donate its unused scanner, Vickery said.”


The Doings – Hinsdale, “Brookfield Zoo checks animals with donated CT scanner,” July 5, 2016