Client: Illinois Casino Gaming Association

Source: WBGZ Radio


Illinois’ casino slow-down is a result of a saturated gaming market, says Tom Swoik:

“Tom Swoik, director of the Illinois Casino Gaming Association, said that’s because people can play the slots in bars, social clubs, and even truck stops across the state.

‘We’ve got more licensed gaming establishments in Illinois than in the entire state of Nevada,’ Swoik noted.

Swoik said just about anyone in Illinois who wants to gamble can.

‘Statewide, I believe the gambling market is saturated,’ Swoik said video gaming is essentially as large as 20 extra casinos in Illinois. ‘We’ve got nearly 24,000 video gaming machines out there. We’re limited to 1,200 gaming positions per casino.

Swoik thinks the state will see the amount of money in play level off.

Statewide casino revenue in Illinois has been sliding down since 2013.”


WBGZ Radio, “Casino Numbers Show Illinois’ Issues,” August 11, 2016