GettyImages-495944316-Pitt-Jolie-2015Client: Schiller, DuCanto & Fleck

Source: NBC Chicago


Tanya Stanish, senior partner at Schiller, DuCanto & Fleck, the largest family law firm in the country, comments about the inquiry of child abuse against Brad Pitt:

“Abuse comes in many different forms,” Stanish noted. “Abuse can be physical, it can be verbal, it can be harassment; intimidation is abuse, stalking is abuse.”

This development comes days after Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt citing irreconcilable differences as the cause. There was no mention of abuse in the filing.

NBC Chicago reports that the FBI is gathering facts and will evaluate whether it will pursue an investigation.


NBC Chicago, “Child Abuse Claim Against Brad Pitt Triggers ‘Routine’ Investigation” September 22, 2016