Client: Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Source: Lake County News-Sun


He is the surviving twin, and at 7-years-old is plagued with hip dysplasia that has required multiple surgeries. Despite his hardships, Jack Kabela still gives a thumbs-up:

“Jack has so many doctors because he was born premature, Nelson said. His gestational sac broke at 20 weeks, but his fraternal twin brother’s sac remained intact, giving Jack a few more weeks in the womb.

While his twin, Kyle, died when he was only 23 days old from an undiagnosed infection, Jack lived, though he has the teeth problems common with premature birth, dexterity that isn’t as developed as it should be at his age and an airway that’s 50 percent smaller than it should be. The muscle weakness caused by the hip dysplasia and accompanying treatments also makes it difficult to play baseball and hockey, his favorite sports, though they’re exploring fencing and archery.”

Despite the issues, Nelson said it’s very fortunate how healthy Jack is, especially considering how he came into the world.

Lake County News – Sun, “Despite multiple surgeries, Grayslake boy keeps giving thumbs-up,” September 8, 2016