Progress we made in 2019 for scooters in Chicago continues into 2020!

1) Launch scooter pilot, keep it alive. ✔️

2) Prove scooters are a safe transportation option, especially for neighborhoods with limited transit ✔️

3) Help people get to Chicago ‘L’ stations and CTA busses ✔️

4) Bring scooters back ✔️


Client: Lime

Source: Chicago Tribune

“There will be a second e-scooter test run as Mayor Lori Lightfoot tries to figure out whether to make a deal with a company or companies to provide the polarizing conveyances on a longer-term basis.

Beyond that, city officials are providing very few details.

The Lightfoot administration released a study Tuesday analyzing the four-month 2019 trial that saw 10 companies flood an area on the North and West sides with thousands of dockless scooters that people could rent.

Though lots of cities are welcoming e-scooters, it’s not certain they will become a permanent fixture in Chicago, she said.

“Our hope, at the end of the second pilot, is that we will have enough information to make an informed decision,” Biagi said.

City officials talked them up as an environmentally friendly way for residents to make short jaunts, and to provide more transit options in neighborhoods without strong train service.

And many people who used them to take 821,615 trips between June and October reveled in the breezy fun and convenience of it all.”

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