By Tracey Mendrek, Executive Vice President

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.44.16 AM

Flying below the radar, Twitter’s live-streaming app, Periscope, made its debut a week ago. If you know about Periscope you are likely the hippest person you know and a social media aficionado.

So after watching for several hours some things come to mind:

When the next world event or disaster happens people will check Periscope before Twitter.

Video disappears in 24 hours. Just long enough to sleep off your hangover and permanently damage a reputation.

And, don’t people have better things to do?

But buyer beware, there is a dark side to this app. As Euro News notes, there are bad people out there, watching your stream. Bad people, who through the advent of location mapping, can get too close for comfort.

It may take time before Periscope is a highly recommended social media tool in public relations, but for a crisis communications firm like ours, business may be brisk.