CeCe Marizu, Account Executive

“What do you want from Santa this year?” I said with a big smile on my face to a little boy when I was in high school.  He looked at me and simply mumbled under his breath, “Santa doesn’t come to my house.”

You never forget moments like those.  They make you more grateful for all the holidays you’ve had when Santa came with presents, but more importantly the holidays where you had the love from your family.

If you ever meet my parents you will soon learn why our family is always so grateful.  We will never have the most money in the world or drive the nicest cars, but we have each other and that makes us very wealthy.

They taught me that a “good morning” and an “I love you” will get you through a day with a smile on your face no matter how awful you feel.  They raised me to always show compassion for people by extending a helping hand.  They opened my eyes to see the good in every person even when I wanted to keep them closed. And they never let me forget that life is a gift in itself.

This year at Culloton Strategies our office manager sent us all an email wanting to start a new tradition.  She reminded us that we are fortunate here at CS and it’s important to think of those people who are less fortunate than ourselves.   She made me think of all the reasons why my parents constantly said we have more than most people in the entire world.

If your office hasn’t started a tradition of giving back it’s never too late.  If you can make time for big holiday office parties, shouldn’t you have time to pick up a toy for a child in need or donate canned foods?

You may not change the world over night, but you most certainly can change someone’s day in a positive way.  Mother Theresa said, “If you can’t feed 100 people, feed one.” This holiday season never underestimate the power of a helping hand and a big heart.