Jodie (Shpritz) Kaplan, Vice President of Media Relations and Branding

Even though I’m Jewish we still celebrated Christmas.  I mean what’s better than eating candy Christmas morning, getting a Caboodle, a CareBares game and Love Buds (whatever those were).  I personally loved my red and white flannel nightgown that I chose special for the occasion.

Ashleigh Johnston, Consultant

After several trips to Disney World, being able to see the Christmas and holiday festivities had reached the top of my Disney bucket list. This year, I finally took the plunge. After spending a lifetime experiencing the holidays in the frozen tundra of Chicago, my mind almost couldn’t believe that it was December as I strolled around in a t-shirt in the hot Florida sun. I think I could get used to that real quick, especially after the last couple of day’s weather.  I have a ton of pictures that I think capture the Christmas explosion that occurs at the parks, but I think this one sums it up best. It was over the top in the best ways. It made adults giddy, it reduced them to joyful tears and created the most appropriate venue to remember what Christmas felt like when you were a kid.


Julia Schatz, Consultant

New Years 2011 was an especially fun holiday memory for me. As a senior in college, my Wisconsin Badgers had made their way to the Rose Bowl for the first time since 2000. As if this wasn’t enough, I won a free trip to Pasadena! Although the Badgers came up short against TCU, it was an unforgettable trip and an amazing experience I am very grateful to have. On Wisconsin!


CeCe Marizu, Account Executive

Back in the day of great holiday parties on the swim and dive team at Illinois we had our annual holiday gathering at our coach’s house.  We would exchange gag gifts of all sorts from the clean inside jokes to the mortifying public embarrassments.  My gag gift freshmen year was a classic example of how diverse the world of swimming is.  Nothing better than receiving K is for Kwanza! Let’s just say my teammates now know that it’s better not to assume during the holidays.  I learned more about Kwanza that year than I ever learned during my 12 years of Catholic school.  Happy Holidays!!!