Get to know Culloton + Bauer Luce’s digital consultant Courtney Clemmons in this installment of our “Intern Interviews with Maggie Gorman” series! 

Where did Courtney go to college? What can she be found doing in her free time? Is she a White Sox or Cubs fan? Keep reading or watch the video above to find out.

Maggie Gorman: What degrees have you achieved and where have you earned them from?

Courtney Clemmons: I have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, and I earned that from the University of  Wisconsin-Madison.  

Maggie Gorman: What were some of your work experiences prior to joining Culloton + Bauer Luce? 

Courtney Clemmons: Prior to joining Culloton + Bauer Luce in October of 2020, I was working at the Chicago  Cubs as their Integrated Communications Manager. I was there for about three and a half years working on their Communications team handling external and internal  communications to all of our stakeholders. Prior to that I was at a staffing and consulting company called Messina Group. I was their Marketing/Content Coordinator and I was writing their blog content, handling social media, their content calendar and stuff like that.  

Maggie Gorman: What makes Culloton + Bauer Luce stand out against other firms for clients? 

Courtney Clemmons: All of our advisors are experts in their field, and they have extensive experience working in complicated climates such as Chicago’s political landscape and the media landscape.  They also aren’t afraid to fight for their clients. Especially in crisis and PR, you have to be aggressive in getting your story out there and I would say that all our advisors are comfortable putting up a fight and doing whatever they need to do to stick up and help the client get their story out there and manage their crisis. And this is important because our clients are often coming to us in a great time of need.  

Maggie Gorman: Why did you decide to get into the line of work that you are doing now? 

Courtney Clemmons: I’ve always loved writing and storytelling as a kid, so getting into the communications and content field was a natural fit. Right out of college, I was in recruiting. I didn’t fully know what I wanted to do, but luckily I was able to move into a marketing content role where I first got to be exposed to marketing and writing professionally, telling stories and finding different stories to tell. That really solidified that I was in the right field and that was kind of the path that I wanted to take.  

Maggie Gorman: What do you think you would be doing if you were not working at Culloton + Bauer Luce? 

Courtney Clemmons: To go way out in left field, but maybe something with cooking or baking. I really love to  bake. If I wasn’t in communications, I think I would want to be spending my days in the kitchen.  

Maggie Gorman: What can you be found doing in your free time? 

Courtney Clemmons: Baking, which is probably no surprise to my answer to the first question. But baking, hanging out with my dog, Archie, and taking him on walks and hanging out with friends. But most of my free time is spent in the kitchen or hanging out with my dog. 

Maggie Gorman: White Sox or Cubs? 

Courtney Clemmons: Cubs. I did work there so I have to say the Cubs. My boyfriend is also a huge Cubs fan. So, Cubs.  

Maggie Gorman: If your childhood had a smell, what would it be? 

Courtney Clemmons: That is a tough question, that I don’t think I’ve ever been asked, but it is a good one.  The first smell that is coming to mind is the smell of chalk or of a gym. I did competitive gymnastics growing up until ninth grade so I pretty much spent my entire childhood in a gymnastics gym, covered in chalk and super hot in the summer. That is one smell and the other one that is just right there is the smell of seafood and crab. As a kid, some of my happiest memories were vacationing to either San Francisco or North Carolina to visit family and we would always be on the beach and the first thing we would do is get crab or seafood on the coast. So that is also a very distinct smell of my childhood.  

Did you know … 
  1. I once broke both my elbows at the same time after falling off the high bar at gymnastics. I was two full-arm casts for about a month. 
  2. By the time I was 12 I had lived in five different states – Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, New York, Illinois again and then Wisconsin. Don’t worry, I’m still a Chicago Bears fan! 
  3. My favorite food is French fries. If I’m at a restaurant, I will pretty much always order something that comes with them.