Patrick O’Connell, Intern

Before I started this internship, I did not know how to tie a tie. I also never would have believed that a group of professionals would trust me with real client work. I expected to sit at a desk filing papers, or fetching lunch and coffee, considering many of my friends experienced internships like that with other firms.

For example, I was given the opportunity to create first draft media strategies and advisories for well-known clients. Being able to work with clients that are regulars in the daily news was an experience like no other. Turning on the news became exciting because I was part of the process and knew what was going on behind the scenes.

My experience with Culloton Strategies not only gave me the opportunity to prove to an established group of professionals that I was fit for this industry, but it also gave me more confidence. Through the responsibilities I was given, I developed a greater understanding of an industry that continues to rapidly change in dynamic and competitiveness.

I realized that despite learning as much as I have, this is only the first of many stepping stones in a long career. Since this industry is constantly evolving, I know I will continue learning long after I graduate. Each day has and will always be a new and challenging experience.

As I bid farewell to the CS team, I thank them for the values they have instilled in me. This summer has certainly been one to remember as I learned things that can’t be taught in a classroom. I am truly thankful to the team that took me under their wing and gave me a one-in-a-million experience that will shape me for years to come. An added bonus: now I can wear an actual tie and finally toss out my clip-ons.