Angelica Munoz, Intern

Today’s generation of technology has made social media a crucial component in any PR campaign. The U.S. Soccer Federation is a relevant example of proper social media usage, specifically through their interactive twitter account. With the official U.S. Soccer social media outlets having such strong followings on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram their campaign for the 2014 FIFA World Cup becomes almost effortless. With a little over 854 thousand followers on Twitter alone, the U.S. Soccer Federation has been using their hashtag, #OneNationOneTeam, to engage followers to post inspirational tweets, which may later be turned into a motivational poster displayed in the locker rooms or training facilities of the men’s national team.

The @ussoccer twitter account demonstrates consistent usage throughout the World Cup with various tweets containing, photos, videos, and links to outside sources and player biographies. On game days, the account provides reliable updates leading up to play-by-play commentary during game time. This social media strategy has been working in their favor by encouraging nation-wide support through the usage of their hashtag and the promotion of official merchandise.

A unique strategy that practically sold itself was sending celebrities their own U.S. jersey with their twitter handle on the back; along with sending virtual jerseys to users via a special website. With these jerseys in the hands of celebrities, the U.S. Soccer Federation was able to use the support and following base of influential people to their advantage.

Things that we can learn from @ussoccer:

 – Tweet daily, and tweet often
 – Create hashtags, and use them consistently
 – Mention appropriate users
 – Retweet
 – Ask questions
 – Respond to mentions