1. Take matters into your own hands. … And … 2. Show. Don’t tell.

Increasingly, these points are among the most common pieces of advice we give our clients.

Here’s why:

*Viewers are cutting the cord.

*Canceling their newspaper subscription to shift online (if they subscribe at all — shame on you!).

*Turning to niche digital arenas for the information and news they choose.

As a result, traditional newsrooms are struggling, and it’s harder to get your story told in the mainstream. (Much less the story you *want* told.)

That’s why we’re advising our clientele of business leaders and industry advocates to tell it themselves.

In under 30 seconds. More like 15, or even 6 seconds. (It can be done, really.)

Our firm is increasingly moving to OTT advertising campaigns to get our clients’ messages direct to audiences they want to reach.

A quick primer:

“OTT” = Over-The-Top content. Or video delivered via the internet instead of through ads placed with your traditional cable provider.

You’ll find OTT ads on your favorite streaming sites like Hulu or YouTube TV, whether you’re viewing it on your phone, tablet or your ctv (Connected TV).

The benefits of OTT versus traditional TV advertising?

1. For starters, cost. Political campaigns already know this — it’s way less expensive to get your ad on YouTube than it is in between segments of the National Nightly News (if anyone watches anymore – ‘cept this old dinosaur).

2. Engagement. Because we can surgically target who sees the ads, we can deliver content to audiences who actually *want* to see it.

3. Results. We’re incorporating OTT across many of our projects — advocating for pragmatic environmental regulations; calling for increased public revenues for healthcare providers; attracting new recruits for labor-starved industries — the data shows that we’re reaching the right people with the right message that resonates and compels viewers to act — send a letter to your legislator if you care about this issue or sign up for an informational training session, etc.

I’m old-school and will always hold onto my newspaper subscriptions, but I’ll never stop looking for new ways to tell my clients’ story.

This article was written by President Natalie Bauer Luce. Natalie is a seasoned communications and public affairs strategist with extensive experience in government, law, media, politics and business.