Steve Hamilton – Digital Media Director

In a world where Donald Trump is leading the Republican candidacy race, and Bruce Jenner’s sex change gets more air time than a massive explosion in China, things that are off the beaten path sometimes seem to get way more traction than they appear to warrant. In the world of the internet, the quick and bizarre always seems to spread like wildfire. People love to share something that makes them laugh, more than something that makes them think. If you can do both in one shot, then you’re golden.

As Culloton Strategies’ resident Canadian, it falls to me to report that North of the border, we’ve bested the Donald and every other American candidate with a candidate for parliament who not only promises change, health care and affordable college, he also exhibits his death ray laser eyes that can ward off giant robot invaders. What should be something only relevant to a very small group of Canadians is getting noticed all over the States for being so darn weird. The video opens with Mr. Scott riding a Canadian goose on a very poorly done green screen effect. However, all of the terrible special effects immediately endears the viewer to this man and his fight to “Save Canada”. This video is something new, something different, and most importantly, something memorable. It’s getting people talking, it’s getting people sharing, and it’s getting Mr. Wyatt traction. This video will do more for his campaign as an independent than any number of speeches or rallies could have ever done, and I for one wouldn’t be surprised if he gets somewhere. I don’t see him becoming the next Prime Minister of Canada, but he might very well win his ride with this. We have no idea what his qualifications are—other than he can destroy Zorg ruler of the universe. Is he really fit to be in Government? Well, heck, I suppose we could ask the very same question to the Donald.