By Nicole Roman, Account Executive

If I could invite anyone dead or alive, to Thanksgiving dinner the guest list would include Queen of England. I bet she has many a tale to tell about the royal family and the people she has met and the changes she has seen throughout her life. My ancestors from Italy, so I could learn more about my family and ask them how they enjoyed their free time and what were their happiest, scariest and most loving memories. My dad, because I hardly spend enough time with him due to the thousands of miles between us. He is so fun to hang out with and has an opinion about everything and anything. You never know what is going to come out of his mouth. He keeps you hanging on his every word. I would also invite Martha Stewart to cook with my dad. He’s a great cook too! I would ask her how she endured five months in a federal prison revamped her image and career. Elvis, do I need a reason? My daughter Lily, who is 9, is infatuated with Elvis’ music and style. It would warm my heart to see her sing and dance with him. She would be “All Shook Up!”