CeCe Marizu, Account Executive 

After spending a week with my mom in Chicago I realized how important moms really are.  Don’t get me wrong, of course I have valued my mom my whole life (the woman gave birth to me for goodness sake), but having her in the new city I call home was a wakeup call to the reality of how much she actually does for me.  

She’s an accountant and loves numbers, but deep down in every mom is a strategist and PR professional for their child.  Yes, believe it or not, every mom has a little PR guru inside.

This is what I observed from spending time with my mom and why I know every mom is the best strategist.

  1. Moms always listen.   They listen when they’ve had hard days and when they want time for themselves.  They listen on the weekends, late at night, and during the early mornings before they’ve had their coffee.  There’s hardly a time when you can’t call and they won’t pick up.  Working in PR it’s important to be like a mom for your client.  You have to know when to listen despite the fire that might be going on in your own life.  You work because you care about your client’s success in the same way a mother cares about her child’s success.
  2. Moms always seem to offer the best advice.  They listen and then they have the “words of wisdom” that can settle any young adult confused with the world.  They have this vast amount of knowledge about the world that only moms can understand.  When it comes to PR if you don’t have good advice for your client then you probably shouldn’t work in PR.  Take the time to understand your client’s problem and their needs and work to improve the situation.
  3. Moms are always proud.  They know that some days will be harder for their kids than others, but they are proud of who they have raised and know what they can become.  Some brag too much (my mother), but they can’t help that they see all the work that has gone into some accomplishments.  They continue to cheer for their son or daughter from the long swim meets to their first job and on.  In PR it’s important to be supportive of all your client’s accomplishments and cheer for all their future successes.  You can strategize about future goals and work on current projects.

So to my mother’s inner PR strategist, thank you for all your advice the past 24 years.  To all you PR professionals out there, think about how your mom has influenced your life and use it to your advantage and support your clients.