Tracey Mendrek, Executive Vice President

As part of an old school approach at Culloton Strategies, we have renewed our commitment to visit our clients. Tickets have been distributed, appointments have been made and agendas have been drawn up. We are ready to fly.

During our last staff meeting we watched a TV commercial from United Airlines that drove home the point. The boss in the commercial points out, business is done with a handshake and relationships are built face-to-face.

Our best source of new business is our existing clients, but it is up to us to make it happen. Simply put, it’s time to get out from behind our computers. As we continue to grow and nurture our client relationships, we must initiate the connection and meet with them in person.

It is a refreshing concept to ask a client, “How are you?” and hear the answer. We want to know their stories, whether it’s about learning what their kids are doing, their worst round of golf ever or the success of a strategy we worked on together. It’s less about the topic and more about the listening tour.

We are ready to board flight #1541. Destination: our client’s front door.