McDonalds Goes Rogue

Steve Hamilton – Digital Media DirectorAndrew Touhy – Senior Account Executive Within seconds of this being posted to the McDonald’s corporate Twitter account, it was retweeted over 1,000 times and spread across the internet. Knowing that the tweet would be short lived, many Twitter users made sure to archive it.McDonald’s has since released a statement reading

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Advantage, Sharapova: The Reputational Benefits of Crisis Management

Andrew Touhy, Assistant Account Executive.Allegations of cheating by an athlete can quickly and drastically change public perception, marketability and sponsorship revenue. Aside from personal integrity and reputation, for a high performing athlete, tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars hang in the balance. Reputations built over a career have been tarnished under the intense

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FIFA: You Can't Cheat Your Way Out Of This One

Dennis Culloton By Grace Culloton   Often times, when there is a scandal of a famous person or brand, friends will say “(Insert scandal plagued person or organization here) could really use you, what would you do to save them?” And sometimes, as we’ve discussed, you can tackle a mess with a take

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Know Your Online Audience

In this “Online Age” we live in, companies are constantly trying to involve the Internet in fun little ways to enhance customer involvement in their products. However, time and time again this has proven to be a poor business decision, especially from a PR perspective. The anonymity of the Internet allows the pranksters and jokesters

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Ready for Boarding

Tracey Mendrek, Executive Vice President As part of an old school approach at Culloton Strategies, we have renewed our commitment to visit our clients. Tickets have been distributed, appointments have been made and agendas have been drawn up. We are ready to fly. During our last staff meeting we watched a TV commercial from United

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What were the biggest PR blunders of 2013?

Julia Schatz, Senior Account Executive I think one of the biggest PR blunders was made at the very end of 2013 by the now infamous Justine Sacco, a PR executive for the company that owns, the Daily Beast and more.  Late December, before getting on an international flight, she tweeted “Going to Africa. Hope

What's on your PR wish list?

Tracey Mendrek, Executive Vice President My PR wish list is all about time and the lack of it.  I wish for a tool that can take every email news alert that comes into my inbox and dump it into a document that has been prioritized based on my interest.  The tool would know from day-to-day

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One Single Second- What does that mean in PR?

Tracey Mendrek, Executive Vice President This past Saturday the sports world stood still for one single second as the Auburn Tigers ran back a missed field goal 109 yards to score the game winning touchdown over the Alabama Crimson Tide.  Tom Rinaldi memorialized it in the outstanding YouTube video One Second Lasts Forever that has

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Team Blog: What's your scariest PR moment?

Dennis Culloton, President & CEO Some days it seems like my career has been a series of scary public relations crises. However, there are some moments that are more scary, bizarre, or chaotic than others. My career in crisis communications is a litany that reads like the plot of the next “Final Destination” movie. It’s

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They Taught Us Well

As another school year begins, the CS team reflects on their favorite subjects in school and shares how these classes influenced their career today.   Dennis Culloton, President & CEO In college, my favorite classes were in my major, journalism. Interestingly enough, my favorite class that I took during college was not an upper-level journalism

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